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Technical Glass Products in Snoqualmie, WA started out reviewing the Resource Manager for Excel product line but quickly settled on Resource Manager-DB for multi-user support, advanced production scheduling options, and easy integration with corporate ERP systems. As Technical Glass was implementing a corporate wide upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server, they found many advantages in upgrading to Resource Manager-DB for SQL. These included: direct integration from SQL Table to SQL Table, automatic back-ups, and enhanced security by having all their core systems on SQL Server.

According to Scott McNeil, Master Production Scheduler for Technical Glass, “It’s very refreshing to work with a vendor like User Solutions who seems to be able to easily adapt to whatever unique and specific needs we run into. Some days it is a simple new report request to better manage our production resources. Other days, it is to blend the current systems into our strategic corporate direction for Information technology platforms. In all cases, they seem to always answer ‘yes, we can do that’. Resource Manager DB and User Solutions are great assets in empowering Technical Glass to deliver world class products, on time and under budget, over and over again. We consider it one of our key competitive strengths in growing our market share.”

Technical Glass Products (TGP) has been using RMDB for years for finite capacity production scheduling. They selected RMDB because of how it could quickly adapt to their operational flow as well as its ability to integrate with their in-house systems. This facilitated a rapid implementation time along with all users quickly embracing the system. Recently, TGP noticed that their standards for task durations and resulting workcenter skill balancing had changed over time. They reached out to User Solutions to see how RMDB could be configured to include blending in new time studies, new product profiles, along with fluctuating workcenter capacities from a point in time moving forward, all the while preserving the actual tracking of schedule to date for historical analysis.

Leveraging RMDB’s flexible configuration toolset, within only a few days of remote support, User Solutions was able to guide TGP through blending in new time studies with cross-trained skill demands, add that to their current production schedule and then run a variety of ‘what-if’ scenarios. This produced a realistic master production plan 6 months out, from which TGP confirmed their cross-training initiatives and rapidly redeployed current resources. By shaving off two weeks in lead time for deliverables, TGP was able to accommodate a 4% increase in business with the current workforce, while maintaining their customer service standard.

“The Resource Manager-DB solution has once again exceeded our expectations regarding its adaptability,” stated Scott McNeill, Production Scheduler for Technical Glass Products. “With only a couple of days of remote guidance from User Solutions, we greatly expanded RMDB’s functionality to include defining cross-training initiatives and incorporate those results in a new production scheduling model that increased efficiencies. The result was our substantially increasing production capacity with existing resources. RMDB, along with our cross-trained workforce gives us a competitive advantage to quickly respond to new market conditions and business fluctuations without incurring additional expense.”