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User Solutions, Inc. announces revolutionary method for Production Planning and Scheduling evaluations
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Forging Ahead Leveraging ERP Data for Enhanced Planning and Scheduling
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User Solutions continues partnerships with multiple University's for real-life experience on launching a Production Scheduling Offering.
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User Solution Unveils Revolutionary Manufacturing Software: Customized Solutions for Enhanced Scheduling and Planning
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What’s in your scheduling tool box?

WhiteBox Mess

Efficient & Visual Automatic Schedule

With EDGE: (Enhanced Drag & drop Graphical Environment), enjoy a visual, intelligent, whiteboard for instant schedule changes.

Excel Pain

Excel Relief

Leverage the best parts of Excel (Formatting, Integration, Cloud Sharing...) while leaving difficult math to US.

ERP Constraints

Enhanced ERP

Integrate and complement any ERP With Advanced Production Planning, Scheduling and Tracking from US.

Custom Chaos

Fits like a Glove

Quick Adoption, Works like you do, Intuitive and Flexible

From job shops to SMBs to multi-nationals

Solutions to fit any production scheduling application and budget

Circular icon with $500 per month text.


JSL-Job Scheduler Lite

Price tag showing $1200 per month.


Resource Manager DB

$5k per month" income graphic icon.



Silver banner with $1000 text.


Job Scheduler Lite ( JSL)

Blue banner indicating over $5000 savings or cost.


Resource Manager DB

Yellow price tag banner, $2500+ offer.


EDGEBI (Bundled w/ RMDB)

Start growing with User Solutions
Production Planning and Scheduling Solutions

Why User Solutions?

Improve Lead Times

Our secret sauce is to fully understand your production scheduling challenges and goals, then provide a solution approach that works for you.  Including direct Master Scheduling support.  A quick and affordable way to achieve your goals.  Let us prove this solution approach.  Using your exact data, for no risk (see our Next Steps Your Way – Schedule a Live Demo).

Increase Throughput

Since 1991, we have been helping customers do exactly that: increase their throughput using existing resources.  Start with our Excel based capacity planning tools then move up to Resource Manager-DB a more robust platform for advanced production planning and scheduling solutions.

Minimize Expenses

We have worked with customers to implement best practices including: Theory-of-Constraints, Just-In-Time, Lean Manufacturing and even optimization.  But mostly, we have worked with customers who are just trying to get a basic handle on a production schedule.  With the tools and expertise that can fit any application and budget, we look forward to assisting you with your specific requests.

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