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“Resource Manager-DB product provided a unique combination of planning, scheduling, and tracking functionality within a single, yet flexible system.” – – Scott Bennett, Enevate Corp.

In 2015 Enevate Corporation, creator of the next generation of Li-ion batteries was building out a greenfield manufacturing facility which demanded a unique combination of planning, scheduling, and tracking functionality within a single, yet flexible system. Not only did the proposed system need to add finite capacity scheduling and advanced routings to traditional ERP functionality, such as costed bills-of-materials (BOMs), inventory management, MRP and full lot traceability but also provide a greater level of flexibility.

Supply Chain Manager Empowerment

According to Scott Bennett, Supply Chain Manager for Enevate, “We found that the User Solutions team and the Resource Manager-DB product provided this unique combination we demanded without sacrificing flexibility all at a palatable price point.”

Scott continues, “Due to our implementing brand new, original processes to build our innovative batteries, we required dynamic supply chain reconfiguration capability. We found Resource Manager-DB’s flexible format vital when combining workcenters, products, and sub-assemblies, allowing us to run a wide variety of ‘what-if’ scenarios. Having the option to build models directly in minutes or import different scenarios, plus leveraging Excel to hold the different data sets, made it surprisingly easy.”

Scott summarizes, “Not only is the product inherently flexible to adapt to how we do our business, but also, as a company, User Solutions continually accommodated our particular requests into the core software. From detailed 10-level deep sub-assembly structures, through importing new configurations via Excel, to scheduling workcenters and products in virtually any combination, we keep finding new and beneficial uses for this tool. User Solutions adapted their Lot Management capability, including traceability and pick lists, plus added new inventory valuation by location by lot and even combined workcenters (scheduling) and products (costing) attributes into a single entity.