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We were looking for a way to schedule three in-line departments and various machines. Scheduling was being completed by the respective department supervisors with no commonality between them. My major concern was being able to preprogram alternate routes for certain part numbers to achieve the most flexibility throughout all departments. With the guidance of User Solutions, we were able to solve that problem easily as well as create one common computerized production schedule that could be understood by all departments involved. All this was done using data that was already in an Excel format, which made implementation a snap.

Tijuana, Mex. Fiber Optic Jumper Assembly Operation

“We used the same software in a traditional MRP / Scheduling sense to track raw material usage and final product output. This replaced a complex employee written Excel program that was becoming very time consuming and difficult to maintain. We were also able to use previously entered data from an Access Database to bring the system online quickly. We found immediate improvement in both predicting output and tracking raw material usage in process”.

Brian Kendall

Industrial Engineer for Kyocera Industrial Ceramics.
North Carolina Ceramics Production Facility