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GEMS Healthcare Solutions a wholly-owned subsidiary of GE Medical Systems headquartered in San Ramon, California, provides integrated data mining, Internet-based benchmarking and consulting solutions to healthcare providers who seek new strategies to reduce costs and improve quality of health care services.

According to Shavonna Portue, Director, Product Operations “Delivering accurate information to our customers in a timely manner is the core of our business. Each financial analyst on our staff handles multiple accounts, and our biggest challenge was finding a resource scheduling system which would allow us to share the same resources across multiple projects. User Solutions’ Workcenter Scheduler XL provided that solution”.

Shavonna continues “We tried several options before Workcenter Scheduler XL, including Microsoft Project. We found the others to be difficult to maintain in our environment, or simply undependable. Consequently, we were unable to adequately predict delivery times and our customers were suffering. After viewing the Noah 2000 system and speaking with the representative from User Solutions, I found them to be very responsive. The application filled almost all my needs, and User Solutions was happy to provide customization to tailor the product for our company. They proved to be avid problem solvers and a great example of what a customer solution provider should be”.
Shavonna reports on key benefits from using Workcenter Scheduler XL “Setting accurate customer expectations has been the greatest benefit. We are able to track problem areas and get good feedback on potential bottlenecks before they happen. No more unknown statuses, and it makes adjusting schedules easy! We now know exactly what staffing requirements are and can flex our workforce to fit the changing needs of our customers”.