Workcell Planner: Overview

The objective of the model is to provide the master scheduler or planning function with a tool for determining the overall level of capacity and distribution of capacity required to meet demand. This demand can be driven by a forecasted incoming rate or consuming a backlog within a specified time frame for a particular cell – as well as for overall plant level.

More specifically, the model:

Translates a forecast or backlog into machine and manpower requirements for each resource in a cell and compares this with the capacity given the current man machine configuration. Allows easy what if analysis of the interaction of setup time, lot size, efficiency, operation yield, and work practices such as working bottlenecks through breaks. Allows analysis of flow with multiple setups per part vs. batch and the payoff on throughput of set up reduction results. Clearly shows the bottleneck resource that limits cell output dynamically as factors are changed. Shows what can be expected from the existing man-machine configuration and can be used to set expected cell output rates, shift schedules and manning levels and easy configuration.