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We have been using the RMDB scheduling software, increasingly, for the last year. I say increasingly because there was a lot of reluctance to using it first. The reluctance came because there was the idea that even though plywood production is “Old Technology” manufacturing, the intricacies of the different species and manners to deconstruct a log into various sizes of veneer and the reassemble it into plywood was too difficult to schedule. This has been proven incorrect by your software and a lot of hard work in implementing it both by you and our staff. It has allowed us to:

-Reduce manning in our finish end by knowing when each machine center was going to be needed

-Reduce aged inventory by enforcing a process of netting out what was in inventory vs. what incrementally was needed to meet sales demand

-Increase on time shipments as we now know what will be the bottleneck in the mill any given week and work around it.

-Highlighted issues of raw material supplies that had been hidden in the past.

-Allowed our maintenance staff to plan their work around machine usage and not during times the machines are needed.
Thanks for your help,
Jeffery K Winter