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Instruments For Industry, Inc (IFI), is a leader in the design and manufacture of Solid State and Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (both pulsed and CW). IFI equipment is used successfully in applications all over the world and is the leading supplier of high power transmitters.

IFI has implemented Resource Manager-DB to support a transition to LEAN Manufacturing methods while still maintaining the benefits of traditional MRP applications. IFI found the combined capabilities provided them unsurpassed flexibility.

In a traditional MRP environment, material replenishment is based on a delicate balance of controlled inventory levels and scheduled demands against that inventory. Naturally there are considerable efforts and controls that are required to maintain the integrity of the inventory and the accuracy of the demand against it. These controls place a heavy burden on an organization and are contrary to LEAN Manufacturing Practices.

In the LEAN World, the MRP system does not function and is not required. The system generated replenishment reorder signal is replaced with a visually triggered reorder signal based on actual consumption of material. Although the organization is now streamlined and operating efficiently, the burden is now placed on the purchasing professionals to procure material from a non-system based replenishment requirement.

Resource Manager LEAN System provides the benefit of a MRP based purchasing system while streamlining the purchasing function. The system generated demand for material procurement is replaced with the visually triggered material demand.