Spreadsheet QC: Overview

Spreadsheet QC is a collection of 15 Excel templates. The goal of Spreadsheet QC is to make statistical process and quality control more accessible by automating the main techniques in a familiar form, the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet QC is ideally suited for small operations which are just beginning to implement quality improvement programs because of its low cost and ease of use. It is also ideally suited for large operations to introduce quality control techniques for their workforce. Spreadsheet QC contains: Control Charts, Statistical Process Control, P Charts, Acceptance Sampling, and more! All in Excel and simple formulas based allows easy customization.

How It Works

Spreadsheet QC will help customers maximize their existing investment in software, hardware, and training. Using familiar spreadsheet menus, users simply input the data into spreadsheet cells and immediately obtain information that can be used to pinpoint and solve quality problems. For any data input, the user can enter in a simple number, an equation, enter a link back to another spreadsheet for desired data, or even read data from another system, all from within the familiar spreadsheet environment. The spreadsheet’s graphic capability enables quick and easy presentation. Additionally, the actual source code, referred to as “macros”, is included with each product, enabling customers to modify the macros to further customize and enhance Spreadsheet QC.