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Exact Software

User Solutions, Inc., an authorized Exact Solution Partner since 2001, has announced Resource Manager-DB with Exact / MacolaTM Link. For the first time, Macola Customers have a ready-made add-on to immediately improve their planning, scheduling, and tracking capabilities. The Macola Link features a direct SQL connection with Macola ES and Progression Series software and now Resource Manager-DB can read from and optionally write to numerous Macola Modules per customers specific requirements.

Resource Manager-DB / Link Features

Resource Manager-DB with Exact / Macola Link provides the user with the best of breed approach by adding powerful and flexible manufacturing planning, scheduling, and tracking features to Macola. Combining ease-of-use for small to medium sized firms, with powerful reporting and open integration for larger operations, Resource Manager-DB enables customers to efficiently manage critical resources such as labor, materials and workcenters.

Users can leverage their Macola System data combined with familiar Microsoft OfficeTM to add Routings and Shop Scheduling to Production Order Processing (POP). In addition, Resource Manager-DB adds “What-If” analysis plus powerful Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling for both POP and Shop Control Modules. Resource Manager-DB also supports Just-In-Time and Lean Manufacturing techniques. The product features on-the-fly configuration and rescheduling, allowing the user to see the benefits almost immediately, without complicated analysis or set-ups.
Available through Exact Corporate or authorized Exact Business Partners or User Solutions. For more information, click on brochure links below:


PDF Brochure 1
PDF Brochure 2
Powerpoint Presentation
Exact Website

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