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Resource Manager For Excel

Resource Manager for Excel (RMX) offers basic MRP and Shop Scheduling that is quick to implement and very affordable. RMX is designed to adapt to your specific needs and utilizes all the powerful features of Excel for data integration, customization, sharing and reporting. A fully functional trial is available for immediate download and/or schedule a live demo with us to see it in action for your application.


Resource Manager for Excel (RMX) features a Bill Of Resource (BOR) that allows any combination of Workcenters and/or Products. RMX is ideal for companies who have no formal systems (ERP, MRP, etc.) as tool to plan for and implement those systems, or to use to fill in any existing gaps for production scheduling. With the BOR concept, you can manage both Material Requirements Planning as well as Production Planning and Scheduling considering Finite Capacity.. For those applications that have a need for multiple concurrent users, improved security (over Excel), seamless integration with other systems, and advanced planning and scheduling options, Resource Manager-DB (RMDB) is the best choice.

Screenshot of Resource Manager for Excel interface.
“Adaptable and Flexible”

Resource Manager for Excel is a great solution for manufacturers who are not ready for a full-blown MRPII, ERP, or Shop Management System but realize the value of effective scheduling and planning. Resource Manager for Excel is unique in that it easily adapts to the way people are running their business today”.

Mike Parks, Director of Georgia Tech’s CMIT, an affiliate of the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership.


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