Resource Manager DB

Resource Manager-DB (RMDB) is a flexible and affordable production planning, scheduling, and tracking solution that is designed to adapt to your operations. We can work with whatever data you have in to achieve better production scheduling, just easier and quicker than you ever thought possible. Give US a chance to prove it by scheduling a Live Demo today!


If you have tried to use your ERP for creating a viable Production Schedule, and still end up with a tangle of custom Excel Reports, messy whiteboard or worse yet, late shipments, we can help. If you don’t even have an ERP system, and are struggling with production scheduling, we can help. Resource Manager-DB (RMDB) was specifically architected to easily adapt to the way you work, using your existing data. RMDB is easily configured, and/or reconfigured, on the fly to address your most pressing issues, whenever and however they surface! This is a truly unique advantage of RMDB and working with US: We can focus and resolve your most pressing issues quickly — letting you reap immediate ROI. Then, delve deeper without having to spend more! This approach is proven to succeed where so many others don’t. RMDB contains deep functionality to address a multitude of challenges for production planning and scheduling: alternate workcenters, complex routings & processes, discrete and/or batch, multiple constraints (labor, machines, materials, etc.), advanced drag and drop graphical calendar screens, downtime management, sub-assemblies, optimization, and much more. To see first-hand how RMDB can help you with efficient and easy Production Planning, Scheduling and Capacity Planning, schedule a live demo, even using your data in its current form – RISK FREE!!