Workcenter Scheduler XL

Workcenter Scheduler XL (WCXL) is an Excel based simple scheduler for job shops, fabricators, service/repair shops, or wherever getting visibility on workcenter loading is vital to ship on time.

WCXL enhances the effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of your workcenter based planning and scheduling.   Check out the videos for a quick overview, then download the fully functional trial or — better yet, simply schedule a live demo, customized with your sample data, and let us review your application needs.


Workcenter Scheduler XL (WCXL) an Excel Add-On, offers a finite capacity scheduler for job shops, fabricators, service/repair shops, that have a simple, linear sequence of work that can be scheduled forward from a start date. (NOTE: For more robust planning, scheduling, tracking, and integration options please review Resource Manager-DB).

WCXL provides an easy method for:

  • Step 1: Entering resource definitions.
  • Step 2: Building jobs, with labor and workcenter routing details.
  • Step 3: Performing ‘what-ifs’ with different plans, resulting in feasible and effective production schedules.


With Workcenter Scheduler XL, we knew:

“Daily schedules for Workcenters

Capacity requirements including Bottlenecks and Backlog

Strategic management information for optimizing on-time performance”

Dan Barich, GE Railcar Services


  • Excel Add-On
  • Forward Scheduling
  • KPI Reporting
  • Routings and Job Scheduling
  • Linear Routings
  • Protected and Secure
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Rescheduling on demand
  • Gantt Chart Schedule

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