Visual Scheduler


Have you already tried to manage your job schedule with paper and pencil or a whiteboard or even Excel and still keep running into crisis management?  If you have ever had your whiteboard schedule attempted to be ‘corrected’ with a permanent marker, or had coffee spill on your clipboard, or even have ventured into Excel hell and couldn’t climb out, then, its a good time to review the Visual Scheduler.

The Visual Scheduler replaces manual methods for Job Scheduling (whiteboard, Excel, paper) and adds intelligence to schedule Jobs, assign workers efficiently, and provide an easy environment for dynamically adjusting as needed to reflect reality.  It is designed to combine on one screen, all the information required to manage the details of the schedule. Schedule Jobs across Workcenters required.  Assign employees on demand to staff workcenters.  Schedule according to your finite capacity limitations for both workcenters and employees.  Key features include comprehensive on-demand editing including drag and drop adjustments.

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