Excel Applications

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Excel Applications
Spreadsheet Scheduler


Spreadsheet QC


Workcell Planner


Operations Manager



We specialize in enhancing any product, or combination, to meet your unique needs.
Prototype / Learning Tool Templates

Ideal for hands-on learning of concept and building your own models with template basics.
Finite Capacity

Only schedules to what is available. Customizable Workcenter Calendars and Daily Calendar. Color coded. Graphics.
Quality Control

Perfect for learning concepts and building your own includeds 15 Control Charts, P Charts, Sampling Methods, Pareto, more.

Workcenter Set-up and Cycle Times, Queue / Move Times, Linear and non-Linear.
Project Management Basic

Gantt Charts, Task Descriptions, Timing, Tracking, all simplified.
Tracking Actuals / Recalculating

Templates include source code and can be modfied directly by user to track actuals and recalculate results.
Bill of Materials

Quantity per, Parent-child, Sub-Assemblies, Rev Control, much more.
Mixed Mode Scheduling

Forward based on start date or Reverse based on due date or even Time Fenced. Per job or group of orders. Prioritize at any level.

Perfect for learning concepts and building your own included exponential, capacity, materials, more.
Inventory Management

Low maintenance. Safety Stocks, Yield Factors, Purchasing UOM, ATP, Reporting.
Material Planning Basic

What materials are required for what jobs and when.
Price Range (Single User)
Call us for custom quotes based on your specific needs.
Price Range (Five Users)
Call us for custom quotes based on your specific needs.

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