Production Scheduling Products

NOTE ON DOWNLOADS: Every Download Now (.zip) gives you two options – save or open. We recommend that you select open, then extract the setup file for WCXL or RMX to the directory of your choice (or just downloads). Then run the setup file for WCXL or RMX. Use desktop shortcut or simply run Excel to open the files, enabling macros if prompted. The Sample column provides working versions of the analysis techniques.
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Job Scheduler Lite ( JSL)

60-Day Trial


Resource Manager DB

30-Day Trial

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EDGEBI (Bundled w/ RMDB)

30-Day Trial

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Production Scheduling Features

Workcenter Scheduler XL(Excel Add-On)

Resource Manager for Excel(Excel Add-On)

Resource Manager


Workcenter Set-up and Cycle Times, Queue / Move Times, Linear and non-Linear.

Finite Capacity

Only schedules to what is available. Customizable Workcenter Calendars and Daily Calendar. Color coded. Graphics.

Tracking Actuals & Rescheduling

Import Actuals. if available, or direct entry. Even drag-and-drop to track WIP.

Bill of Materials

Quantity per, Parent-child, Sub-Assemblies, Rev Control, much more.

Mixed Mode Scheduling

Forward based on start date or Reverse based on due date or even Time Fenced. Per job or group of orders. Prioritize at any level.

Inventory Management

Low maintenance. Safety Stocks, Yield Factors, Purchasing UOM, ATP, Reporting.

Material Planning Basic

What materials are required for what jobs and when.


We specialize in enhancing any product, or combination, to meet your unique needs.

Purchase Orders

Easy, fast, accurate. Based on scheduled demand, stock replenishment, and more. Paperless option.

Drag and Drop

Visually change dates per job, per workcenter, or even drag job from one workcenter to another.

Materials Planning Advanced

MRP Calculations, Shortage Reports, Lot and Batch Sizing, much more.

Integration with other systems

Import and Export to Excel and direct importing via ODBC drivers. Integrates easily with most ERP and custom systems.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Alternate Routings, Multiple Constraints, Mulitple Priorities, Rescheduling on demand, much more.
Price Range (Single User)
Call us for custom quotes based on your specific needs.
$1200 to $1800
$4,490 to $9,980
Price Range (Five Users)
Call us for custom quotes based on your specific needs.
$2400 to $3600
$9,980 to $19,960

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Excel Products

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The Spreadsheet Scheduler contains ready-to-use, practical models for Project Management, Scheduling Customer Jobs and Employees, Generating Calendars and Gantt Charts.




Single cell capacity planning for machine shops and fabricators. Allows easy what if analysis of the interaction of setup time, lot size, efficiency, operation yield, and work practices. Allows analysis of flow with multiple setups per part vs. batch and the payoff on throughput of set up reduction results.




Dozens of templates for Forecasting, Inventory Management, MRP, Production Planning, Quality Control and many more.




Spreadsheet QC makes statistical process and quality control more accessible by automating the main techniques in a familiar form, the spreadsheet.