Resource Manager will help you plan and schedule your key resources (workcenters, material, labor) quickly, easily, and affordably. Use just a piece to fill in the gaps of your current system, or use all of it — Resource Manager delivers the benefits of manufacturing software without the pain. Guaranteed.


There are two versions available, depending on your needs:


    • Resource Manager DB
      A planning, scheduling, tracking solution that integrates easily with existing systems, is multi-user, and has many APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) features. Utilizes your choice of back-end databases, SQL Server or Jet Engine (Although Access compatible, Access is not required).  Uses Excel as report writer.
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    • Resource Manager for Excel
      Basic Manufacturing System in Excel. Designed for single concurrent users who are familiar with Excel. Features BOMs, MRP, Inventory, Finite Capacity, Forecasting, and more.
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    • Workcenter SchedulerXL
      Ideal for Job Shops, Project Management, plus Service and Repair Shops. Runs with Excel 97 and up and features: finite capacity, forward scheduling, easy to configure, update, and run linear workcenter scheduling.
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    • Spreadsheet Scheduler
      The Spreadsheet Scheduler contains ready-to-use, practical models for Project Management, Scheduling Customer Jobs and Employees, Generating Calendars and Gantt Charts.
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    • Spreadsheet QC
      Spreadsheet QC makes statistical process and quality control more accessible by automating the main techniques in a familiar form, the spreadsheet.
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    • Workcell Planner
      Single cell capacity planning for machine shops and fabricators. Allows easy what if analysis of the interaction of setup time, lot size, efficiency, operation yield, and work practices. Allows analysis of flow with multiple setups per part vs. batch and the payoff on throughput of set up reduction results.
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    • Operations Manager
      Dozens of templates for Forecasting, Inventory Management, MRP, Production Planning, Quality Control and many more.
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    • Excel Scheduler
      Subset of Spreadsheet Scheduler. Includes all models except for the job/workcenter scheduling models. Project Management, Gantt Charting, and Employee Scheduling.
      For all versions of Microsoft Excel.
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