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User Solutions Joins Fight Against Covid – Free Production Scheduling Software


South Lyon, MI April 7, 2020

User Solutions, a producer of production scheduling software systems, announces it will offer Resource Manager for Excel (RMX), a fully functional, standalone production scheduling and inventory planning system, free of charge, to manufacturers temporarily reconfiguring their operations in the fight against the conronavirus pandemic. In addition, User Solutions will provide free training and basic implementation to further hasten the manufacture of COVID-19 related products.

RMX, being nimble and flexible, will not only enable manufacturers to be fully prepared (within a few hours) to plan and schedule the new COVID-19 related product lines, but also provide accurate delivery dates and quantities to their recipients. This eliminates the arduous task of reconfiguring their ERP and production scheduling systems for this temporary situation and then reverting it all back.

“During our 30 plus years’ of experience, we are used to helping manufacturers in a pinch with this quick, band-aid solution. RMX has long been known for use where there is either no ERP, during ERP implementation or to rapidly address new product lines, such as the COVID-19 product demands. We would be thrilled to play an instrumental role in helping manufacturers that are changing gears to produce COVID-19 related products by saving them time, productivity and substantial costs through the use of our RMX,” says Jim Convis, President of User Solutions.

During COVID-19 product conversions, manufacturers can benefit from RMX’s Bill of Resources (BOR) – a revolutionary concept that combines the labor and routings with the bills of material so that they are scheduled concurrently.  This enables RMX to fulfill two desperately needed functions: bringing stability to a manufacturer’s supply chain by quoting accurate delivery of both quantity and date, and establishing and optimizing a realistic supply chain from their new vendors.

Since RMX can quickly configure a new product or demand to fight against the conronavirus pandemic, manufacturers big and small can quickly move to action whether the need is more masks, ventilators, gowns, gloves – you name it. Material Requirements Planning as well as Production Planning and Scheduling considering Finite Capacity can all be managed with ease.

“It’s amazing to see how America’s businesses are coming together to make a difference in any way that they can. For instance, when we reached out to Ripple Effect Communications, we were so thankful to have their talented digital PR and social media team step up to manage our campaign free of charge so that we could get the word out quickly and effectively. And it also goes to show that businesses of all kinds can do their part.”

About User Solutions, Inc.

User Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1991 in response to the demand for lower cost, easy to learn and use software solutions for the manufacturing and operations management markets. As either an add-on solution to existing ERP solutions, or running stand alone, their affordable planning, scheduling, and tracking solutions are known for great flexibility, rapid implementation and increasing the knowledge and skill set of those involved with the production process.

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