Resource Manager for Excel v.2013: ‘Production Scheduling Made Easy’ Release by User Solutions, Inc.

New version of Excel Add-On Product Enables United States Navy, USS NIMITZ Reactor Department to Plan, Schedule, and Track More Efficiently.

South Lyon, MI (PRWeb) 12/12/2013

User Solutions, Inc., has announced immediate availability of Resource Manager for Excel versions 2007-2013. Designed as an add-on to the familiar Excel spreadsheet, Resource Manager for Excel is the only low-cost production planning, scheduling, and tracking solution that can be immediately implemented by most operations. By combining ease-of-use for small to medium sized firms with powerful reporting and open integration for larger operations, Resource Manager for Excel allows critical resources such as labor, materials and work centers to be efficiently managed in near real-time. For the first time, end users can use their familiar Excel spreadsheet to assist them in delivering products and services on-time, reducing cycle times and inventory shortages, planning labor and work center requirements, and tracking schedules.


The new version, which was ‘supersized’ for the Navy’s USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier’s Maintenance Department takes advantage of all the new features and functions included in each new Excel release. For example, in 2007 the number of active rows was increased from 64,000 to one million and number of columns from 256 to 16,000. Due to the speed of the spreadsheet and efficiencies of Resource Manager for Excel, the product can handle larger MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and Finite Capacity Scheduling applications faster than most any other systems available making it the ideal add-on to any ERP System for better production scheduling.

USS Nimitz Solves Level Loading
Christopher D. Gates, the Assistant Reactor maintenance Officer was tasked with the challenge of maintaining a maintenance schedule both in port and at sea for the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. According to Chris, “The problem I was trying to solve was level loading the over 26,000 Preventive Maintenance Program Items due on a Periodic based schedule along with the immediate 5,000 corrective maintenance jobs that are outstanding. Both set of tasks rely on common resources and I needed am easy and reliable method to level load, or schedule according to priority and finite capacity, the never ending task list.”


    Chris continues, “I found User Solutions browsing the internet for Finite Capacity Scheduling and ERP systems based in Excel. Once I saw their product I was instantly intrigued and wanted to test it. Once I received some samples from them I could already tell that their products would be beneficial just with the flexibility of an at sea schedule which is changing almost by the hour”.

Chris implemented Resource Manager for Excel in just a few weeks. Using existing data from disparate systems, Chris was able to use all the flexibility of Excel combined with the power of finite capacity scheduling in Resource Manager to quickly gain control of scheduling Maintenance.


Chris reports, “The benefits thus far are beyond what I ever thought could be achieved in this environment. Short notice schedule changes are no longer an issue, I have Resource Manager for Excel running all day and only have to edit one cell of one page and I am off and running again, if needed. At the end of the day I intend on having Resource Manager for Excel up and running as the sole provider for at sea and in port Availability Scheduling/Planning as well as Production Management”.


    Chris concludes, “User Solutions’ has provided technical and professional support that has allowed lightning fast implementation of the systems providing instant gratifying results to Reactor Departments 400 Sailors”.


    Jim Convis, Product Manager for User Solutions reported that while most of their customers are in traditional manufacturing markets, they designed Resource Manager to be a flexible, adaptable, planning, scheduling, and tracking tool that has seen implementations across many areas that are in desperate need of tools to support an efficient operation. “While we have never claimed to be a Maintenance Management Solution, the reality is to be competitive in today’s market, just about every Company needs to execute at higher levels of efficiency. We are honored that the Navy choose US to be their partner in this endeavor and we can solve their most pressing challenges with an Excel based solution.”


Affordable, Compatible, and Flexible


    Resource Manager for Excel ranges from $1200-$2800 for a single user and simply twice that price for site license. All this is required is Microsoft Excel. Initial support is included. Trial versions including training videos and complete manual are available at


    About US: User Solutions, Inc. was created in 1991 to help manufacturers and other operations to become more competitive through managing key resources more efficiently. Their line of products, include Excel add-ons, custom .Net applications, and Web based offerings are designed to adapt to specific customer requirements, quickly and affordably. For more information contact: us(at)usersolutions(dot)com,, Toll Free: 800-321-USER(8737)

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