Spreadsheet Scheduler v2014 Supports Tablet Gantt Charting & Project Management

Upgraded support for Office 365 plus upward migration path to MS Project provides economical and easy, yet comprehensive project management and scheduling.

South Lyon, MI (PRWEB) 5/8/2014

I had a big list of jobs I simply wanted to display on a Gantt chart in Excel for both easy of printing and sharing with maintenance team. With Spreadsheet Scheduler, I was able to copy and paste all my tasks to be scheduled and instantly provided a Gantt Report to easily communicate to my team what needed to be accomplished and when. Excel is a great tool for so many reasons but I just don’t have the time to add scheduling logic, formatting logic, and more. The templates from User Solutions give me that power for the lowest cost possible.

User Solutions, Inc.’s original Spreadsheet Scheduler, the simple-to-use, low-cost project management system, has been upgraded to be operational on tablets such as the iPad. Now, via its compatibility with Office 365, it has never been so convenient or simple to add Gantt charting to current spreadsheets. Spreadsheet Scheduler also provides built-in project management algorithms and simple work center scheduling modules. Compatible with all spreadsheets, its new support for Excel 2007-2013’s extension to 1 million items/rows and 16,000 time buckets/columns, accommodates any size operation for any length of time.


For those looking to learn or teach project management concepts, Spreadsheet Scheduler is the perfect entry point with its upward migration path to MS Project or other scheduling systems from User Solutions. These scheduling systems fulfill the full range of production scheduling and project management needs from job shops and laboratories to plant manufacturing and equipment maintenance. Functionality also includes ability to do “what-if” analysis to accommodate changes without missing deadlines.


Economic Functionality


Spreadsheet Scheduler provides an easy-to-use set of tools to help any organization manage projects more efficiently, improve customer deliveries, and minimize work-in-process times. The collection of spreadsheet templates include Project Management, Simple Workcenter Scheduling, Critical Path Method (CPM), Critical Path Analysis, Customer Job Scheduling, Generating Calendars and Gantt Charts with hourly, daily or weekly time buckets.


This collection can be used as a set of building blocks to develop custom applications and visual displays because it uses simple formulas (source code provided), easily understood by the casual spreadsheet user. The spreadsheet environment is particularly suited for this since you can link, customize, expand, consolidate, copy and graph the data however you wish.


Low Cost and Fully Compatible


Priced at only $129 for a single user license and $258 for five user license, User Solutions’ products (sold directly from http://www.UserSolutions.com and through a number of Internet resellers) are guaranteed and include free trials and documentation.


About US:User Solutions, Inc. was created in 1991 to help manufacturers and other operations to become more competitive through managing key resources more efficiently. Their line of products, including Excel add-ons, custom .Net applications, and Web based offerings, are designed to adapt to specific customer requirements, quickly and affordably. For more information contact: us(at)usersolutions(dot)com, UserSolutions.com Toll Free: 800-321-USER(8737).

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