Exact Software

Exact Software

User Solutions, Inc., an authorized Exact Solution Partner since 2001, has announced Resource Manager-DB with Exact / MacolaTM Link. For the first time, Macola Customers have a ready-made add-on to immediately improve their planning, scheduling, and tracking capabilities. The Macola Link features a direct SQL connection with Macola ES and Progression Series software and now Resource Manager-DB can read from and optionally write to numerous Macola Modules per customers specific requirements.

Resource Manager-DB / Link Features

Resource Manager-DB with Exact / Macola Link provides the user with the best of breed approach by adding powerful and flexible manufacturing planning, scheduling, and tracking features to Macola. Combining ease-of-use for small to medium sized firms, with powerful reporting and open integration for larger operations, Resource Manager-DB enables customers to efficiently manage critical resources such as labor, materials and workcenters.

Users can leverage their Macola System data combined with familiar Microsoft OfficeTM to add Routings and Shop Scheduling to Production Order Processing (POP). In addition, Resource Manager-DB adds “What-If” analysis plus powerful Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling for both POP and Shop Control Modules. Resource Manager-DB also supports Just-In-Time and Lean Manufacturing techniques. The product features on-the-fly configuration and rescheduling, allowing the user to see the benefits almost immediately, without complicated analysis or set-ups.
Available through Exact Corporate or authorized Exact Business Partners or User Solutions. For more information, click on brochure links below:


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Sage Software

Sage Software

Enhancements for the Manufacturing Market

Are your manufacturing clients looking for additional planning, scheduling, and tracking solutions? Would you like to have a more competitive offering for targeting manufacturers? Then, consider US as your partner for Manufacturing Enhancements that work with Sage Software.

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Just some of the benefits we can provide include:

Capable to Promise and Improved Visibility for Sage

sagesoftwareDo your customers struggle with generating realistic manufacturing schedules? Do they have any easy visibility as to what products or jobs can be delivered when? Now there is a proven solution for these challenges that can be implemented in days. Featuring an easy connection to Sage Software, Resource Manager-DB (RMDB) is a scheduling system that is quick to implement, flexible, and simple to maintain. Your customers can finally achieve their goals of an affordable scheduling solution that quickly adapts to their needs.

Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling

Analyze the resources (labor hours and workcenter loading) required to meet different demands. Resource Manager-DB adds value to the Sage Product Line with Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling, as well as “What-If” analysis, and much more. Includes many advanced features such as: Skill Scheduling, Forward and Reverse directions, Multiple Constraints, Overtime, Priority, Lock Jobs, Pause Jobs, Alternate Workcenters & Routes & Theory of Constraints.

Shop Floor Control Tools for Automatic Reconciliation

With a single screen, the user can manage scheduling and rescheduling, (re) prioritizing jobs on demand and optimizing workcenter loadings through advanced features such as alternate routings, overtime, and minimizing cycle times.

Routings and Shop Scheduling for Peachtree

Resource Manager provides an easy alternative to add routings and shop scheduling to Peachtree and other Sage Solutions.

Product Benefits

With its unique adaptable design, Resource Manager can be configured to meet your customers’ specific needs, quickly and affordably. With Resource Manager-DB, you can add just what you need and only where you need it.

If your customers have an immediate need for improved planning and scheduling, without high cost and complicated upkeep, we can help. Contact US today for more information about RMDB and our Business Partner Program. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Product Brochure

Sage Software Resource Manager-DB Brochure –

NIST MEP Consortium

NIST MEP Consortium

Since 1988, the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has worked to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. Their mission is to enhance the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing. The MEP is a national network and the only public–private partnership dedicated to serving small and medium-sized manufacturers.

In 1991, User Solutions was founded to support affordable and easy-to-use tools to help small and medium-sized manufacturers become more competitive through efficient production scheduling.

Together, the MEP-User Solutions combination provides the tools and expertise for helping to Make Manufacturing Great Again! For more information, contact US or your Local MEP office.

Make Manufacturing Great Again!
“The Resource Manager is a great solution for manufacturers who are not ready for a full-blown MRPII, ERP, or Shop Management System but who realize the value of effective scheduling and planning. Resource Manager is unique in that it easily adapts to the way people are running their business today.” – Mike Parks, as Director of Georgia Tech’s CMIT, an affiliate of the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

Greg Katz, then Vice President of Manhattan Store Interiors, N.Y., enlisted Industrial Technology Assistance Corp., the local MEP, to help him find a quick and easy solution to his plant’s planning and scheduling challenges. ITAC recommended Resource Manager from User Solutions.
Construction Guy Crop
“I have been involved in the production of store fixtures for over ten years and every day was a struggle until Resource Manager from User Solutions enabled me to print in one minute what it would take hours a day to communicate. Suddenly I was able to quickly forecast our workload and schedule our shipments for our facilities in a fraction of the time it took before I starting using Resource Manager. As a result of using Resource Manager, we forecast a 20% increase in gross profits next year.” – Greg Katz, VP of Manhattan Store Interiors


ACE Controls, Inc., had a requirement to improve their current system and to immediately implement a solution for the day-to-day scheduling challenges of the machine shop. ACE Controls specializes in pneumatic linear decelerators such as those used at Cedar Point and the Power Tower amusement ride. PowerTowerSupported by the NIST/Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, Resource Manager was selected both for its benefit/cost ratio and for the company’s existing Excel platform, already used to communicate manufacturing reports.

“The product is so flexible and adaptable; it is quite easy to model different scenarios to determine if a certain method or schedule can actually benefit our bottom line.” – Dave Teumer, Buyer and Scheduling Manager, Ace Controls.


Celebrating 25 Years of Award Winning Software!

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