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Job Scheduler Lite (JSL) Download 60 day fully functional trial.

Welcome to Job Scheduler Lite (JSL). Designed as an entry level production scheduling offering that allows users to quickly create a series of routing steps then schedule according to capacity limitations, direction (Forward or Reverse), and Priorities. It also offers a quick method to load data either directly or importing from and Excel sheet. If you have more complex routings (non linear, or non batch, etc.) then consider Resource Manager-DB (RMDB) as it can model scheduling most any manufacturing flow..

System Requirements: Excel installed (used as report writer).

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Then, download and install JSLsetup.exe this installs to C:\ProgramFiles In this part of installation, it checks to see your current .Net framework and stops until you upgrade to more current .Net framework (this is automatically installed with windows 10 so you are probably fine.
At the end of installing JSL the system will automatically run and add shortcut to desktop. There will be sample data in JSL preloaded but you will be able to edit, add, delete directly and/or use data import to configure JSL. That is what the ImportsBack.xlsx is for, showing you the format for creating and importing content quickly.
File directory with JSL.xml and JSLite.db displayed.
The database will default to C:\ProgramData\Job Scheduler Lite
The third file is an Excel file for quickly loading data. That can be saved anywhere you choose. Also, you can save the database (or you might have more than one anywhere you have read write access to).
With JSL-Job Scheduler lite, we knew:
“Daily schedules for JSL-Job Scheduler lite
Capacity requirements including Bottlenecks and Backlog
Strategic management information for optimizing on-time performance”

Dan Barich, GE Railcar Services


Colorful production scheduling and resource utilization software interface.

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