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Providing Production Planning and Scheduling Solutions since 1991

2022: User Solutions, Inc. releases EDGE (Enhanced Drag-n-Drop Graphical Environment) for their core product, Resource Manager-DB (RMDB). EDGE can run on any PC on the network and connects to RMDB for viewing and interacting with schedule with powerful graphical and calendar views. The user can drag and drop job segments from any workcenter to any other workcenter, as well as establish new start and end dates. Time scales range from minutes, to a year. In addition, User Solutions releases Visual Scheduler for the Cloud which combines the previous SweetRP offering along with Visual This offering provides a single environment/screen with a powerful Gantt Chart for job planning and combines an easy method for worker assignments, all subject to finite capacity constraints. Easily assign workers to tasks and meet job due dates.
2016: User Solutions, Inc. Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary. CIO-Applications selected User Solutions, Inc. as one of only 25 short list companies transforming the ERP space. Product development includes integration with OpenSolver (Optimization Software compatible with Excel) enables User Solutions to provide the first combined offering for both optimization and production scheduling in an easy to use package. Additional enhancements to their core product, Resource Manager-DB, includes a sliding window showing what is running, by hour, by workcenter, with the ability to flag downtime. In addition, enhancements for MRP Lot and Serial Tracking capabilities are added to comply with Pharmaceutical and other industry requirements.
2015: User Solutions partners with FC Modular to adapt Resource Manager-DB (RMDB) to the Modular Construction Industry. Utilizing Office/Excel 365 on Tablets, Resource Manager-DB output reports to each foreman regarding which tasks to complete, in what order, with quality checks, and all that data is automatically imported back into the database to fulfill Brooklyn based Building Code requirements. With touch screen updates direct on ruggedized tablets, the system provided real-time status on the progress of each apartment and floor (26 apartments per floor, 34 floors in building). In addition, additional advanced scheduling features for critical path mapping and resolution are added.
2014: SweetRP, the first affordable and easy to use Cloud Based Resource Planner is announced. Users can manage both Workcenters (people, machines, workcenters) and materials needed to manage production scheduling. Includes KISS (Keep It Simple Scheduling) that uses a simplified version of finite capacity scheduling for everyday users. In addition, new version for Resource Manager-DB is announced which includes additional advanced production scheduling tools for alternate workcenters, alternate routings, parallel workcenters, and estimates and quoting.
2013: User Solutions announces Visual Scheduler, a .Net offering featuring a graphical replacement of the standard white-board that so many companies still use for scheduling. Featuring a single screen, to manage all aspects of all jobs, User Solutions works with Director, a high end Yacht service and repair shop in Florida to support overlaying the drag and drop jobs intelligence on top of the blue print layout for all the dry and wet dock slips.
2012: SweetRP, the first affordable and easy to use Cloud Based Resource Planner is announced. Users can manage both Workcenters (people, machines, workcenters) and materials needed to manage production scheduling. Includes KISS (Keep It Simple Scheduling) that uses a simplified version of finite capacity scheduling for everyday users. In addition, new version for Resource Manager-DB is announced which includes additional advanced production scheduling tools for alternate workcenters, alternate routings, parallel workcenters, and estimates and quoting.
2011: A new dashboard add-on for Resource Manager-DB, written in .NET is announced for creating dazzling graphical reports of production scheduling information. Called Executive Information Systems (EIS) it can be set up independent of RMDB and used to consolidate data from a variety of systems into one graphical screen. Additional applications of Resource Manager-DB being integrated with popular ERP offerings, such as Fourth Shift, Infor, JD Edwards, and others are successfully delivered.
2010: New versions of Resource Manager for Excel and Noah are announced that are compatible with Office 10 and above. With a million rows now available, Resource Manager for Excel is the quickest MRP engine on the market! User Solutions, Inc. also announced being part of Peach Tree/Sage development program.
2009: A customized .NET rewrite of Resource Manager-DB is created for Sandia National Laboratories for planning and scheduling strategic weapons development and manufacturing. Other custom .NET applications are created for a variety of customers including injection molding job tracking efficiency and heat treat oven optimal loading.
2008: New Versions of Resource Manager-DB continue to be driven by excellent user feedback. More and more customers see the value in a system that fits the way they work instead of the other way around. By adding new features in way they can be easily turned on or off, customers are finding they can customize Resource Manager-DB to work exactly like they work with a minimal amount of effort and maintenance.
2007: Exact Software, a leading ERP Provider, invites User Solutions to Exacts’ Engage User Conference to demonstrate how Resource Manager-DB can add great value to existing Macola Clients. In addition, User Solutions is invited to Exact’s Service Summit to showcase the enhancement to Exacts support personnel. Besides successful many integrations with Macola Software, User Solutions’ has new customers with integration with Made To Manage, Peachtree, DMSi, custom Access Systems, Epicor, Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics, JD Edwards, SAP, and many more.
2006: User Solutions, Inc. celebrates 15 years in business, serving thousands of customers worldwide with affordable and flexible Excel compatible manufacturing and business solutions.
2005: User Solutions, Inc. releases new versions of all core products, Resource Manager for Excel, Workcenter Scheduler XL, and Resource Manager-DB (RMDB). RMDB now is offered with a choice of back end databases, MS JET (same as Microsoft Access uses but Access is not required) or SQL Server. Also, significant improvements in the Advanced Planning and Scheduling component of RMDB have been made due to an increase in customers and their respective input.
2004: User Solutions, Inc. releases a Microsoft SQL Server compatible version of Resource Manager-DB. In addition, User Solutions also signs agreement with Digital River, a world leader in E-Commerce, to distribute their Excel templates throughout the world through a network of hundreds of on-line complementary software resellers.
2003: User Solutions continues to add additional functionality and integration to Resource Manager-DB. Also, User Solutions announces agreement with Beacham Consulting to manage Business Partner Network. Now, a network of highly qualified manufacturing system professionals are available worldwide to help clients as needed. Also, User Solutions has become a Certified Microsoft Partner and is developing Resource Manager for SQL Server.
2002: User Solutions becomes an Exact North America Complementary Software Provider with their Macola Link. In addition, through a partnership with Instruments for Industry (IFI), User Solutions adds Lean Manufacturing to Resource Manager-DB. Orca Technical Services (a subsidiary of IFI) enters into a Business Partner Agreement and opens an East Coast Lean Training Center for Resource Manager-DB.
2001: Responding to customer requests for a more upscale solution, and to overcome limitations of Excel (true multi-user, data integrity, etc.) User Solutions releases Resource Manager-DB. Written in Visual Basic and utilizing the Jet Engine run time database (same as Microsoft Access) and including Resource Manager for Excel as a flexible report writer, Resource Manager DB provides the user unsurpassed flexibility for leveraging Excel on local PCs, and sharing data across a network. To facilitate easy and automatic integration with other systems, Resource Manager-DB offers flexible Data Integration Wizard.
2000: User Solutions added complementary services and utilities to its flagship Resource Manager for Excel product in order to facilitate integration with other systems. Resource Manager 2001 offers a new Data Integration Wizard to assist clients with reading in Bills-Of-Materials, Routings, Orders, Inventory Levels, and more from a variety of ERP Systems, including: MAPICS, JD Edwards, SAP, Macola, and many more.
1999: the readers of New Equipment Digest voted Resource Manager the Winner for Software in the Excellence In Innovation. Also, User Solutions continued improving Resource Manager with an upgrade to run with Excel and Office 2000, plus links with the popular QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting offerings.
1998: User Solutions announced Resource Manager (version 3) for Excel 97 adding the ability to feedback actual production information and regenerate scheduling, resulting in the first affordable and easy-to-use MRP2 system for small to medium sized manufacturers.
Also in 1998, Resource Manager for Excel was selected by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) MEPs (Manufacturing Extension Partnerships) as an ideal planning and scheduling solution for manufacturers just getting started with computerizing their operations.
Through the nationwide network of MEPs, the customers can receive local demonstrations, training, consulting and integration services around the popular Resource Manager for Excel product. This arrangement yields a valuable combination of products and services that directly benefits the customer.
For the first time, a customer can implement robust planning and scheduling, completely turn key, for less than $5,000 – $10,000 completely guaranteed. This is the same functionality, consulting, and integration that the market has traditionally paid $50,000 – $500,000 or more for.
1997: User Solutions announced Resource Manager (version 2) for Excel 97. This version recognized significant enhancements in Excel including a database that could hold 64,000 rows of information, and multi-user spreadsheet capability.
Also in 1997, User Solutions and General Electric Capital – Railcar Services inked an agreement for User Solutions to provide a customized version of Resource Manager, called “Noah” later renamed Workcenter Scheduler XL for planning and scheduling Railcar Service throughout their North American operations. This extremely successful project resulted in GE raising their on-time delivery from 30% to well over 90%. Managing around 200,000 railcars, leasing at $20/day, the ROI was phenomenal.
1996: User Solutions announced Resource Manager (version 1) for Excel. A complete rewrite (Visual Basic) of Spreadsheet Resource Manager that was compatible with Excel version 5 and 7.
1995: User Solutions became a Microsoft Solutions Provider and began converting the Lotus 1-2-3 macro based Spreadsheet Resource Manager to Visual Basic – Applications Edition for Microsoft Excel. Also in 1995, Novell and User Solutions executed an agreement for including select templates with Quattro Pro and Perfect Office Suite.
1994: User Solutions announced Spreadsheet MRP, the first general purpose Material Requirements Planning product that ran with Lotus 1-2-3. APICS – (American Production and Inventory Control Society) reviewed Spreadsheet MRP and called it a “Unique and a Valuable Tool”. Responding to customer demand for an affordable and easy-to-use capacity planning and scheduling tool, User Solutions added routings and rough-cut capacity planning to the Spreadsheet MRP product and renamed it Spreadsheet Resource Manager.
1993: User Solutions became a formal Lotus Business Partner and Lotus Selects (Lotus Development Corporations Catalog Sales) began carrying User Solutions’ templates for resale.
1992: User Solutions acquired additional spreadsheet models for Scheduling and released Spreadsheet Scheduler. They also acquired StatMax, an extensive collection of SPC/SQC templates and announced Spreadsheet QC.
1991: User Solutions, Inc. is formed as an independent spin-off from Lotus Development Corporation to sell and support Lotus @Factory as well as other products under development at Lotus including the Spreadsheet Operations Manager (a collection of spreadsheet templates still available today).
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