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In 1991, Jim Convis spun off User Solutions from Lotus where he was adapting Lotus 1-2-3 to better serve the manufacturing market. Starting with a series of simple templates (found in Operations Manager, still available today), he found folks wanted to use familiar tools (such as the spreadsheet) as the preferred method to solve common production scheduling issues. For over 25 years, Jim has tried to listen to what customers were asking for and developing an architecture to support all types of challenges in all sorts of environments. Jim has a BS in Applied Mathematics/Physics from University of Colorado and worked at GM/EDS implementing the first Micro-Processor Cell Controller back in the 80’s. Prior to that, Jim worked as an Oil Driller in Oklahoma, Ranch Hand, Carpenter, and other interesting endeavors.

Occasionally, a company will want something so specific and different that even our most flexible product can’t bend enough. In that case, we still can solve their challenges with affordable and quick custom programs on whatever platform (Windows, Cloud) makes the most sense for the customer. With a vision statement of “Listen and Deliver” you could add ‘guaranteed’ to complete our philosophy on making you successful. Thank you for considering User Solutions.

Dennis graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a degree in Industrial Management. The first twenty years of his career were in Industrial Engineering and manufacturing management. He learned the needs and requirements of various industries and sectors.
The last twenty years of his career have been spent in the manufacturing software industry where he applied many different experiences of solutions for selecting, selling, implementing, training, consulting and using software.

Dennis’ primary goal through the years has been to combine Texas Hospitality with industry expertise to help customers tackle their most pressing issues and have as much fun as possible doing it.

Bob Russell graduated from Bangor University with an Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering. He then qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the English Institute. This combination of Engineering / Manufacturing and Finance expertise has enabled him to “bridge the gap” that so often exists between Finance/Administration and Operations in business.

Bob worked for Ciba-Geigy, an international chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Company, in Finance and IT Development, was the Head of their UK Internal Audit function, and finally was Finance Director / Company Secretary for one of their Dyestuffs Manufacturing Companies, responsible for Finance, IT and Purchasing. Since then, Bob has consulted in the Manufacturing, Distribution/Logistics and Finance arenas, both independently, and as part of the senior consultancy support of the ERP vendors, J.D. Edwards and Fourth Shift. For the past decade, Bob has focused on the software support of the Planning and Scheduling Applications of User Solutions, Inc., providing more bespoke solutions and enhancements for their clients.

With experience of all levels of business, both in Finance and Operations, together with his skills in analyzing business needs and translating them into practical operational benefits, Bob has always enjoyed the challenge of transferring his own enthusiasm to others through example, training and education. He has presented and trained all levels of personnel, from administration, shop floor, warehouse and production staff through to multi-national board level directors.

Jeff graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors) from California State University San Francisco after serving four years in the US Navy. For many decades, Jeff has been engaged exclusively in the manufacturing industry as buyer, production control manager, material planner, quality control manager, controller, operations manager, vice president of operations, and chief executive officer.

In 1995, Jeff started his own business consulting company specializing in advising companies on how to best to apply computer systems in their operations as well as developing custom software solutions when necessary.

Jeff manages the User Solutions SolverLution offering, which blends Higher Level Optimization techniques with Production Scheduling techniques. Jeff also directly manages customer sales and support throughout Asia.

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